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World Watercolor Month was founded by Charlie O’Shields of Doodlewash®, a website he started in 2015, which is dedicated to the sharing of daily ink/watercolor illustrations and stories, as well as the featuring of talented artists worldwide.

Doodlewash was born one day when Charlie decided to pick up a pen and a watercolor-dipped brush, and he just started sketching and painting. Amazingly, he hadn’t sketched in 20 years, and had never painted with watercolor before. In the beginning, he used the site to post his own art, but soon invited others to do the same. And now he features art from over 340 talented artists the world over. If you would like to join this creative group, go to Dooodlewash [https://doodlewash.com/] and contact Charlie.

To Charlie and his group of happy doodlers, watercolor sketching and painting is not about following rules. To them, it IS about: having fun, expressing yourself, learning from others and your own experiences, not taking your results too seriously, creating as much as you can, doing new things, supporting others, and challenging yourself.

World Watercolor month was started by Charlie as a natural outgrowth of his experience with, and the guiding principles of Doodlewash.

The idea behind the holiday is to inspire people to paint with watercolor (watercolour, aquarelle), and to raise awareness for the importance of art and creativity to people everywhere.

To participate in the festivities, simply tag any art that uses watercolors (or gouache) with #WorldWatercolorMonth and if you feel like painting yourself, take the “Ultimate Challenge” and paint 31 watercolor paintings in 31 days (or as many as you’d like). Then tag your art with hashtag WorldWatercolorMonth

Another awesome component of this art-inspired holiday is the fact that Doodlewash has partnered with The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, an organization that provides a free art recycling program, getting art supplies to art education programs in need all around the globe. So, when you participate in World Watercolor Month you will help raise awareness for this art-education-supporting cause.

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