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The Artist & His Art

Romero Britto is an artist whose art is inspired by both his positive and hopeful view of life, as well as his desire to see the world become a happier place.

Britto was born in Brazil, in 1963, to a very large family. He is a self-taught artist who, despite his extremely modest upbringing, painted throughout his childhood on newspapers, cardboard, and other scraps— whatever he could find. Romero painted what he saw in his world, and also what he saw in his mind as he envisioned a more beautiful future.

Britto’s style has become iconic, known for its warmth, bright and optimistic colors and shapes, and impressions of love.

Britto has lived in Miami, Florida since 1989. Since arriving in the US, Britto has completed a number of corporate works, including those for: the 2016 Presidential campaign of governor Jeb Bush, Monsanto, Bain Capital, Movado, Philip Morris, Disney, the United Nations, BMW, and others.

Romero Britto’s work also has received critical acclaim; as attested by accomplishments such as his becoming the first living artist to exhibit at Museo Soumaya. His work is known around the world, as it is displayed in galleries and museums in over 100 countries.

Britto is also an activist for a number of charitable organizations around the world. He has donated his time, art and resources to over 250 charitable organizations. Examples of his charitable involvements include his role as a selected speaker for the arts at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland; and his role as an Inaugural Founding Benefactor of the Harvard International Negotiation Program. Romero believes that artists can be agents of positive change in the world, and he is intent on supporting the involvement of art in world change efforts.

In the Classroom

Romero’s style makes for a great, comfort-art lesson. The following link outlines a project that will have kids creating their own Valentine’s Day Pop-Art Hearts, Britto style.






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