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If you’ve done business with us before, or if you’ve read some of the pages on our site, you may have picked up on our mission statement:

Kids Kreations is about outstanding products and service and a model that truly fosters creativity and a sense of accomplishment in the kids who participate in our programs.

And this statement couldn’t be more true; we love running our business: interacting with great people and organizations, helping them to inspire creativity, producing amazing products. These activities are the core of our business, and they are surely important.

If you were to ask our customers how they feel, our experience tells us they would tell you –  we really do live by our mission statement.

And we think these are great reasons to do business with us. However, I’d like to use this section of our site to let you know about some other really great reasons why you might want to partner with us.

Customer Focus

Kids Kreations is small enough to allow Lance and I to ensure that every customer gets personalized customer service. Whether you are dealing with myself or Lance or one of our friendly staff members, you will always receive courteous service from someone right here in Fulton, MS. You will never be connected to someone in another country or offsite.
Your satisfaction is our bread and butter. Our families’ long-standing experience as business owners has taught us time and time again that success is determined largely by how we treat others: how fair we are; our willingness to work out problems when they occur; our level of honesty and trustworthiness. This means, among many other things, taking full responsibility if we make a mistake with customers or staff, and doing our best to make things right and leave people feeling satisfied.

People-centered Values

To Lance and I, our business life is not separate from any of the other aspects of our lives; Kids Kreations is simply something else that we do. You’ll never hear us saying, “it’s just business”. This doesn’t mean we don’t take the time for other important parts of our lives (family, friends, leisure,…), but it does mean that we conduct our business with the same values that we do anything else in our lives.

You could even say that business is in our blood. I am a fourth generation business owner and Lance is a second generation business owner. In my family, it started with my great grandfather in the late 1800’s, and in Lance’s family it started with his grandfather in the early 1900’s.

Interestingly, way back when we were just starting Kids Kreations, a local business advisor told us that the strongest predictor of business success is growing up in a successful family business. He wasn’t saying that not growing up in a family business means you can’t be successful as a business owner; not at all. His words simply echoed the idea that, like any activity involving sustained interactions with people and collaborative efforts, having the opportunity to live through successful practices is a huge advantage.

Lance and I were fortunate to grow up watching our families live and learn business life. We saw them honor the idea that food on our table was fully dependent on customers. And, this meant continuous discussions in our families about how to make things better. We also watched as our elders demonstrated their caring and sense of responsibility for employees and business partners through happy moments and unhappy ones as well; we watched them laugh with, cry with, give help, and receive help from staff members, partners and customers through many life events.

Essentially, Lance and I watched as our families demonstrated how to run a business in a way that regarded business as an integral part of one’s life. Again, this meant that our families didn’t think twice about relying on their cherished life value systems when it came to business decisions. So, while they fully understood that customer satisfaction was key to surviving, they equally understood that employees and business partners were just as important as customers. The Golden Rule applied equally to everyone.

Local-minded Thinking

At Kids Kreations, we are serious about doing our part to help build up our community. Our staff roster is made up of people we see in town on a regular basis: moms, high school students, and dads who need an afternoon job after work. We also employ high school students from a local DECA workshop to mentor young people just entering the workforce. We don’t believe in outsourcing to areas of the world that may be able to offer cheaper labour. We are a US company that produces its products in Fulton, MS, with local staff.

So, getting back to our mission statement… It’s true that it says little about customer focus, people-centred values, and local-minded thinking. And the reason for this is because we believe these things should go without saying. These ways of operating stem from personal value systems and would be part of any operation we ran. If tomorrow Lance and I decided to open a catering business we would build and operate it with the same customer-people-local focus that is the basis of Kids Kreations.

So, there they are, a list of what we feel are the most important reasons why you might want to do business with us.

To us, this is just the beginning of the discussion on this important topic. Periodically, we will post a segment which gives you a real window into our operations. It’s our hope that what soon follows will not only make you feel OK about doing business with us; we hope it will make you feel excited about partnering with a business that is run in a way that truly honours its customers, employees and community.

Until next post,

Founder & Owner of Kids Kreations

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